Coming Of Age Throughout Mississippi By Anne Moody

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Coming of Age in Mississippi Essay Fredric Stanley HIST 3881 Professor James Conway 7 November 2015 Though we Americans, in all of our efforts, feel as if the day of racism is coming to an end, I feel it is merely evolving into a much more subtle approach. Seeing life through the words of Anne Moody in her book entitled, "Coming of Age in Mississippi", shows that racism, even back then, is treated with remedies versus a cure. After the many anti-discrimination legislations passed as well as activist groups shedding light on all of the significant differences and injustices that African Americans face, one would think that by now racism would be far behind us here in America. After a close review of Anne Moody 's life, her growing up …show more content…

Anne Moody saw the true hideousness of racial violence shortly after beginning high school. Emmet Till was killed by a group of white men for merely whistling and showing interest in a white woman. Anne was surprised at how unaware she was to the things happening around her. I don 't remember if anyone was murdered, but back when I was in high school it was almost as if whites viewed it to be cardinal sin for an African American male to be with a white woman. This too was a time where I saw the true reality of what it was to be an African American versus a White American. Anne 's mother informed her to continue throughout life as if nothing happened but understandably she couldn 't. While working Anne could not focus and her rage began to display. Mrs. Burke made an attempt to talk to Anne concerning Emmet Till 's death but Anne acted as if she didn 't know what Mrs. Burke was speaking of. Mrs. Burke told her that that is what happens when black people step out of place with whites. It was at that point Anne began to fear for her life now learning the true outlook of being an African American. I see on a daily basis where African Americans accept injustice and move on with life as if it doesn 't matter. Instead of standing in the gap for what could very well hit home African Americans tend to turn a blind eye to the corruption and cruelty we face. So many times within the work force we, African Americans, are reminded where we stand in the eye of the

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