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Coming of Age in Mississippi is an eye-opening testimony to the racism that exemplified what it was like to be an African American living in the south before and after the civil rights movements in the 50's and 60's. African Americans had been given voting and citizen rights, but did not and to a certain degree, still can not enjoy these rights. The southern economy that Anne Moody was born into in the 40's was one that was governed and ruled by a bunch of whites, many of which who very prejudice. This caused for a very hard up bringing for a young African American girl. Coming of Age in Mississippi broadened horizon of what it was like for African Americans to live during the 40's, 50', and 60's. There are many traces of …show more content…

Also, I think that since she was busy with everything else in her life that she could not really hang out with friends, church was a place for her to make some friends. Religion was not just a factor for Anne, but for many of the slaves during the Civil War. The slaves would use religion as a way to get away from the harsh realities of their lives. Also they viewed Jesus and Moses as heroes who lead their people to freedom. Their religion was aimed toward the real world rather than being in heaven when they died. Basically, their singing or "praying" was about being delivered from slavery. They also used hymns as special codes for meeting points while trying to escape. To me the song Swanee River has a different meaning to the song on page 129. To me Swanne River was talking about being at home and a child, being around the familiar faces; your family and friends. Also, I think that home refers to being back on the plantation where they know they have security. Not in the sense of being safe, but being where they know and somewhat have fun. The song on page 129 about "god's hebben" means to me that black and white people are the same, minus the color of their skin. It is saying that every one is the same in God's eyes, and when we get to heaven we are all going to look the same. To me the Swanee River song tells me that the black people miss being at home and as much as they hated being owned by whites they miss being on the

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