The Rise Of Daniel Clocker Summary

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In the essay, “The Rise of Daniel Clocker”, author Lois Green Carr interprets that Daniel Clocker wants to come to America to seek for his fortune in getting a labor job but in England the population was growing bigger and job opportunities were getting short each minute. He had a feeling that America offered more job opportunities for a young man to work. Carr concludes that he was seeking for an adventure and that he was only seventeen years old to go out on his own even though he is still a young teenager with some hopes and dreams of being a servant. In 1636, Clocker came to Maryland and became a poor indentured servant to work for Thomas Cornwaleys. Clocker wants to take advantage of the job opportunities in America to improve his…show more content…
Clocker found another ex-servant to become his mate in establishing a tenancy on Cornwaley’s land besides the rent the captain charged perhaps a third tobacco crop was return in improvements Clocker and his mate did housing, fencing, and planting also caring for the orchard always required in a lease.

In 1650 and 1651, Clocker obtained 150 acres of land plus a little spot of land in the town where he probably built a house and he was becoming a respected member of the community. The years of work that he and Mary had put into building a house and farm. The Clockers raised and sold tobacco but also gained income from other sources which they had well-established herds of cattle and pigs, they could sell pregnant cows.What the Clockers couldn’t do was obtain necessary manufactures locally all the goods was transported from England in return for tobacco, a situation that prevailed over most of the seventeenth century.

When Daniel Clocker passed away in 1676, he had a bunch of possessions that probably helped him make his life alittle more comfortable. Clocker was a great landowner, something that he wouldn’t be if he stayed in England. Certainly, Daniel was confident that his hopes and dreams come true when he first arrived in Maryland as a poor servant. Not all servants weren’t as lucky as Daniel Clocker, Maryland provides many great job opportunities to a
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