Commentary On The 1911 New York Triangle Fire

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The video for this week’s application exercise was about the 1911 New York Triangle Fire where a factory caught fire killing many of the workers that were trapped in the building. The fire caused the people of New York to realize the women that died, could not die in vain. When the women went on striking, because of their working conditions, most were beaten up by hired people and sent to court where they potentially faced a fine, jail time, or they were sent to the workhouse on Blackwell’s Island. The women were ambushed by the fire, because no one thought to warn the women that a fire had occurred, everyone else was given time to leave, but the women. Everyone was horrified of the things they had seen during the fire, and were really trying to help the women that were trapped. The impact of the …show more content…

The women were locked into the factory building, and were not able to escape the fire that claimed their lives. The initial impact of the fire was that these were the women saying their working conditions were not safe and were not fair to the workers, and now they have all lost their lives, because they could not leave the building. The fire's impact on the regulation of private businesses was that people were demanding that something had to be done to ensure this did not happen again. The video states that the private business world was no longer private, and that there had to be a system in place to monitor the businesses actions. The New York State Legislature funded a factory safety commission, which called for factories to be observed for the working conditions, and after their findings, the government implemented new laws. The government changed a lot when they were given time to review the problems with the factories. The government went from implementing one safety commission, to implementing thirty new laws just after viewing the

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