Commentary on Field of Autumn

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Commentary on Field of Autumn Advancing like a silent threat, the onset of winter is presented throughout the poem as a season with sinister intent. The “acid breath of noon” approaches in a “Slow” manner, as if sneaking up on autumn. The personification of the “acid breath” not only suggests to the reader the fog is murderous, but one could be lead to imagine that the fog is poison gas. This is because “Field of Autumn” was published in 1947, two years after the Second World War; clearly the memory of the War would be even more poignant than it is to this day, scars more fresh, and any references more painful. Continuing with the theme of war, Laurie Lee chooses to describe the “taking” of the village “without sound;”, implying an …show more content…

The harsh noises of “gliTTering Snare” are very dental, and therefore threatening as they are almost spat when said. Constricting words imply that frost has frozen the landscape, and has killed it. In conclusion, Lee draws her poem to an end by presenting the inevitability of winter’s grasp upon the land.

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