Commentary on Student of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness Testing

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As the time passes by, the school board in Texas changes the requirements for passing to the next school grade level. “Texas led the way in implementing standardized test in the early 1990s” (Klein). Before, grade level students used to take the TAKS (Texas Assessment Knowledge and Skills) and now students are taking STAAR (Student of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) test. With this choice, students are not learning other materials other than just testing, testing, and more testing material. I believe that students should be taught something different other than just focusing on tests for the whole school year.
Texas has “more than 776 school boards, covering 85 percent of the students in the state, have passes resolutions calling for a more nuanced, less punitive approach to student and school assessment in the last few months. And that’s after the state began rolling out the new-and-improved testing system known as STAAR” (Michels). I disagree with Michels because the STAAR test is more pressure for students, yes is a different standardize test, but is just a different way to evaluate children in their school learning. Many of the students are probably trying to memorize all this things they are taught for the STAAR test, but at the end they would not even remember a single thing they were taught for the test. The STAAR test is a waste of time because statistics show that “students who failed their STAAR test last year and took remedial classes over the summer,

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