Essay about Commerce Case Study Report for David Jones Sexual Harassment

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Principles of Responsible Commerce: Group 5

October 2010
Assessment 3: Case Study Report
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – David Jones and Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Kristy van Duin, Li Yutao, Pablo Arenas, Jace Burgess

Executive Summary
The following report looks at the increase of Sexual Harassment claims within Corporate Australia that have been lodged with the Australian Human Rights Commission over the last decade. David Jones Pty Ltd and Pricewaterhouse Cooper are two prevalent cases which have attracted negative media with regard to Sexual Harassment, and this report utilises both Risk Management and Egoism Theories to scrutinise various impacts, responsibilities and recommendations for Individuals, Organisations and …show more content…

Corporate Australia requires immediate attention to stem the steady increase of sexual harassment. Alexander and Lewer (1998) state there is “significant interaction between industrial relations practices and the economy” demonstrating linkages between individuals, organisations and society that must be addressed.
Impact on Individuals, Organisations and Society
Individuals - the key impact is often emotional. A victim or sexual harassment may lose the ability to attain premium quality of life, when compared to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as described by Turner (1995): * Physiological – increased stress levels, mental health, decreased sense of self worth, as well as creating many other health issues. * Safety – Career focus can be destroyed, income reduced through absenteeism or loss of employment, affecting the level of security one may have. * Belonging – feelings of violation and isolation and decreased sense of value. This view is noted by Weisberg (1996, pg 725) quoting Lin Farley “the abuse also impacts destructively [by] disrupting female job attachment, promoting female unemployment and inhibiting female solidarity.” * Esteem – as a result of a lack of belonging and lack of reliable income, the self worth and the value placed by colleagues and employer is decreased. Lengthy legal battles impact on an individual’s financial stability whilst media scrutiny impacts on individual esteem and adds

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