Common Carp Research Paper

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The Common Carp affects oxygen levels in shallow lakes (Parkos). They primarily eat any plants, dead things, and other organisms on the bottom of lakes. Some researchers claim that the carp eat the eggs of other species, but they do not have any proof or evidence (Maynard). They are accused of this because it is not uncommon to see them on top of the surface, where other fish species spawn in shallow weedy areas (Bonneau). The Carp may not eat the eggs of other species, but they still eat the plants that create oxygen for aquatic animals. This is a serious problem for shallow lakes because in the winter there is ice on top of the water. The oxygen levels start dropping significantly during this time (Schmida). If there is snow on top of the …show more content…

This can lead to algae. In some instances they make so thick algae that it can cover up to 1.5 inches on top of the water! Of course, this is only in extreme cases, but most definitely possible. Some people stocked Carp in ponds to reduce weed cover, but were not getting the results they wanted. Instead they discovered that there was an excessive amount of algae and large loss in phosphorus levels. By the time researchers realized that the Carp were not doing what was expected. They already were dominated the waters. The Common Carp also affects the food supply for many species of fish. They produce turbid waters which makes it difficult for sight feeding game such as Walleye, Sauger, and Northern Pike to see their food.” Another issue is impeding growth, plus the establishment of submerged aquatic plants (Parkos)”. Carp extirpate plants from the bottom of shallow lakes. “They can grow rapidly and quickly reach sizes too large for predation (Parkos)”. This rapid growth means that this invasive species can live its first fifteen or more years without risk of predation. The Carp's has a high reproductive capacity and can hold up to 2 million eggs in a 20-pound female. “Its adaptability to spawn in different situations gives it an advantage over many native or preferred species (Bonneau)”. The Common Carps reproduction rate are one of the highest amongst fish species in the United States.
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Fishermen are concerned about this because fishing is a passion and Carp just are not fitting in around the United States and cause too much chaos (Sullivan). Submerged aquatic plants were almost deleted completely from shallow lakes over a 5 year process (Santucci). When they uproot the plants it creates turbulence. Turbulence is basically swirling up water and sediment from the bottom of the lake making the water unclear (Garcia). They usually create more turbulence in the spring of the year when they are spawning. They make excessive movements in the water and sometimes even aggressively. This has a lot to do with the temperature change from cold to warm and this is just the Carps way of overreacting to the new habitat (Monahan). Although they are active and moving during this time they do not eat very much. Carp are very difficult to catch when their spawning because they are usually not interested in food (Santucci). Some fishermen can still hook them when they're spawning, but they are very picky and wont go for just anything. Carp are especially abundant in man made lakes because they tend to be calmer waters which Carp prefer (Monahan). Also in man made lakes there tend to be less predators, which brings me to my next topic. The Carp really do not have any predators other than human. This is one reason they survive so long

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