Common Core Standards Of Today 's Education System

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Section 1. Introduction
The idea behind the Common Core standards is simple: uphold clear parameters as to what concepts students need to understand for their grade-level nationally. It seems like a no-brainer. Every student, no matter his or her background or geographic location, is entitled to the same education, and is expected to know the same things by the time they graduate. In this paper I will argue that Common Core standards are necessary in today’s education system. Section 2. An Argument in Support of Common Core Standards
Part A. Reasons to Accept Common Core Standards
First of all, what is Common Core? Basically, it is “…a set of common guidelines promoted by the National Governors Association and the Obama administration, among others” (US News). The parameters were created in 2010 and are meant to challenge students, increase achievement, and give them the tools to be successful after graduation. It applies to grades K-12 and has been adopted by 45 US states.
Say a child’s family has to move to a different state in the middle of the school year. What happens to the student if they arrive at a new school that is working on completely different topics than where they left off at their old school? The child will have to relearn or skip over material, or learn new material at a rushed rate in order to catch up. Certainly that cannot be good for the student’s well being. Common Core helps to ensure that won’t happen. Schools are expected be consistent among

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