How Do Schools Help Children Develop Critical Thinking Skills And Move On From Concrete

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It’s Critical to Get Children Thinking Although schools have recently incorporated requirements to help the development of critical thinking, it remains a skill that is often learned outside of the classroom. Through the program of Common Core, schools have created an environment of higher standards and problem solving courses. Along with critical thinking, abstract thinking looks at the deeper meaning of things, and they both begin in young ages in children. The jump from concrete to abstract and critical thinking comes with time and lessons from not only the classroom, but everyday experiences. How do schools help children develop critical thinking skills and move on from concrete to abstract thinking? The brain is an intricate part …show more content…

However, the school districts are now realizing that students need the ability to think on their own so they have created Common Core, a new set of standards that has the children working at a higher level of thinking. Common Core was created due to the higher level of learning going on internationally. The focus of these standards are for the student to apply their knowledge and prepare for future careers. One main component is critical thinking and the ability to analyze information and solve complex problems with these skills. The new rigorous standards are used across the United States(Core Standards). There are said to be six stages of critical thinking, the unreflective, challenged, beginning, practicing, advanced, and accomplished thinker. The unreflective thinker is unable to asses their thinking skills while in the second stage of challenged thinkers, they are becoming aware and figuring out problems. The beginning thinker is similar to concrete thinking, which contains no depth, it regards to the facts and thinking in the periphery. At the fourth stage, the practicing thinker is developing the knowledge for systematic practice, while the advanced thinker now has good habits and can actively analyze information. Lastly, the accomplished thinker can access their intuitiveness and take a position on things in everyday life(Edler, Paul).

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