Common Mental Disorders in Colombian Women

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Introduction The common mental disorders represent a major public health problem. The prevalence of common mental disorders varies according to the method of evaluation, either with the use of a scale or conducting an interview. The prevalence of common mental disorders is almost 25%, if it is used the General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12).1 Common mental disorders are more frequent among women than men; it seems that women are more sensitive to stressors. Around the world, common mental disorders produce a negative impact on life quality of many women. However, in developing countries a significant number of women with a common mental do not ask for medical or psychological help due to the stigma attached to mental disorders.2 Common…show more content…
First, descriptive analysis was done. Then, the association between variables of interest and common mental disorders was computed. Finally, non conditional logistic regression was computed to adjust associated variables which showed association with p value lower than 0.25. All calculations were made in STATA for Windows 9.0. Results A total of 2.034 women were invited to take part in this study; but 294 (14.4%) of them refused completing the survey. This report was conducted with 1,740 women. The mean age was 38.3 years (SD = 13.3) and mean years of education, 8.8 years (SD = 3.9). A total of 1,036 women (59.5%) were married; 644 (37.0%) were employed; 506 (29.1%) lived in low-class neighborhood; and 1,234 (70.9%), in middle- and high-class (high-class women were underrepresented); 25 (1.4%) reported abusive alcohol consumption; 109 (6.3%) daily cigarette smoking; 775 (44.5%) daily coffee intake; 309 (17.5%) known medical condition; and 273 (15.7%, 95%CI 14.0-17.4) scored for common mental disorders. The clinical rating scales showed acceptable internal consistency reliability; Cronbach alpha coefficient for the GHQ-12 was 0.78, and Kuder-Richardson coefficient for the CAGE questionnaire, 0.71. The bivariable and multivariable analysis are presented in table 1; abusive alcohol consumption, daily cigarette smoking, medical condition and daily coffee intake were associated with common mental disorders, adjusted for age and

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