Common Street Arts : An Art Gallery Essay

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Common Street Arts is an art gallery in downtown Waterville that is hosting their fifth Holiday Pop-up Shop (Common Street Arts, n.d.). Common Street Arts’ mission statement is “To enhance the creative, artistic and economic vitality of the Waterville community through outstanding arts education and exhibitions” (Mission & Vision, n.d.). The pop-up shop follows the mission by providing products for people to purchase that have been crafted by local artists, helping drive the creative spirit of Waterville and allowing for artists to sell their works. The pop-up shop offers items with different styles and price points, aligning with Common Street Arts goal of presenting exhibits that get all members of the community involved. This shop also offers a place for artist to sell their work, fulfilling the goal of supporting local artists. Common Street arts also has a goal of offering “at least one exhibition of non-traditional media each year” (Mission & Vision, n.d.). The pop-up shop is an accumulation of many types of art, providing a piece of artwork for nearly anyone’s taste and showcasing many forms of artistic media. Common Street Arts and worked with many artists to create this pop-up shop and serve the needs of people in search of gifts for the holiday season.
Common Street Arts opened in 2012 on Common Street in Waterville (History, n.d.). This organization aimed to provide “a non-profit collaborative arts space that included a gallery and studio teaching space”

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