Communication And Non Verbal Communication

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Communication is influential to our society; each individual in our society communication styles varies due to the different aspects we follow. Communication justifies the logic behind the way you carry out verbal communication, written communication, and non-verbal communication. Significantly, communication impacts how we mutually solve problems without conflict. Withal, the Introduction to Communication 101-003 course is an important class because it constructs cooperation, social communication, and organization. The three reasons why this course is valued are as followed: it inspires you to voice the concepts you believe in, the knowledge obtained in the class will shape how individuals interact with one another, and the course provides a platform to benefit relationships, emotional development, and social development. These concepts have shaped our perspective on how we communicate with individuals within our diverse nation. Furthermore, my level of communication has altered throughout this class. I think about how my thoughts will affect individuals before I verbally express gratitude about a situation. I acknowledged how Models of Communication, Perception, Listening, Verbal Communication and Non-verbal communication has impacted our daily lives. Although we spent 6 long weeks expressing our feeling in these journal entries; however, they have given us a clear understanding about our communication abilities. Withal, the great amount of information in these chapters…
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