Communication In Communication : The Importance Of Communication

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Communicating effectively is important and integrated in all societies and has many different qualities that are important, like: empathy, clarity, physical expression, and effort. Empathy is important because without understanding where someone is coming you cannot properly understand what they are saying in many situations. For example, one expression can have different emotions for different people, like “I went to my grandparent’s house.” For some people this is a happy thing, while for others it may be uncomfortable, in this situation empathy would help create an appropriate response. Clarity is also important, if you leave an unclear message your words may be misinterpreted. For example, when I fight with my mom it is normally caused by a simple misunderstanding due to lack of clarity. Physical expression is also important because your actions towards another person, as well as facial expressions, can impact the view of a conversation or make up the conversation in whole. For example, you could say that someone is looking nice, but based on your expression the message can be completely different. If the statement is paired with a smile it would be seen as a nice thing, however, if the comment is paired with rolling eyes it would be seen as insulting. A final quality that is important is effort. Sometime there are language, or other, barriers in communication, this does not mean that quality communication is impossible, but effort in trying to communicate and looking
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