The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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The actions that I reveal when I am communicating to an audience are discussing a dull subject, poor preparation and lack of self-confidence. I often chose topics that may interest me, but not my audience. The people in the audience seem to not be interested in what I am saying, which is shown through their tired face expressions, daydreaming and are distracted by other actions taking place or their personal belongings. In addition to this, I do not prepare for a speech as thoroughly as I should. I tend to not know exactly how I am going to state my thoughts clearly because I wait until the last minute to practice my speech and it makes it hard to remember exactly what I’m trying to say. Both of these habits develop the lack of self-confidence I have when presenting to an audience. I worry about what people may think of my appearance, the message I am trying to send through my words and how I present the message. The combination of these flaws results in the bad habits I experience during public speaking, which includes shaking, stuttering, heart palpitations and nervousness. These bad habits prevent me from reaching my full potential of being an effective communicator. Although the points I mentioned stand to be true, I want to set goals so that I can improve my communication skills and follow better practices to grow as a communicator.
Picking a more engaging topic to discuss when I present a speech is a goal that I have to become a strong communicator. I understand that

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