Communication Theories : Comm 4910 Final Report

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Kara Patrick COMM 4910 Final Paper Communication Theories: COMM 4910 Final Report In 1980, S.F. Scudder proposed that all living beings existing on the planet communicate in some way, even plants. We need to communicate to survive. My paper discusses various communication theories that relate to things that I observed or experienced over the course of my internship. During my internship, I worked under the supervision of the preschool director of Watkinsville First Baptist Church. The preschool program has approximately 200 children ages 0-5. Babies or toddlers performed most of the communication activities I observed. Beginnings of Intentional Communication During the course of my internship, I frequently wondered about the reasons why babies cry. Despite my best efforts to appease everything that I thought might be the problem, sometimes the baby would continue to scream and cry. Harding notes that babies do not cry out of a desire to relay a particular message, but that they merely cry due to distress or discomfort. However, when others respond to the cry as if the baby is trying to communicate a particular message, that it can help the caregiver to differentiate between different types of cries and other signals given by the infant. This can in turn possibly influence the baby’s recognition of the effects his or her vocalizations has on the behavior of others. From birth, infants cry, coo, and then begin to babble. These sounds do not necessarily imply that the

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