Communication Within The United States Marine Corps

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To be early, is to be on time, to be on time, is to be late, and to be late, is out of the question. Being able to adhere to a given deadline in a group situation, demonstrates responsibility, time management, group cohesion, and progress. However, being that a group is a collection of individuals with separate lives, there are times when members of the group may be experiencing extenuating circumstances preventing the group from completing a task on time. In such a scenario, communication within the chain of command is essential. Failing to communicate problems that may arise, and inhibit group progression towards a task will result in failure to communicate the task, group division, distrust between the chain of command and the group, …show more content…

In a military situation, lack of communication can result in the loss of lives, or failure to accomplish a goal as the power and upper hand is now in the hands of the force that was better prepared. In our specific situation, failing to communicate issues that arise prior to assignment completion will make the group ill prepared to deal with the burden of new assignments, and lead us subject to punishment at any time. The constant threat of punishment, or attack from a lack of communication leads the group to be in a disorganized state and make careless mistakes out of emotion. Secondly, communicating an issue prior to a deadline develops trust between a group and those in charge of the group. In the military this is very apparent. In fact, the United States Marine Corps has a whole sector of marines who are trained in a skillset called communications. Comm. Marines sole task to relay, and update information between Marines on a mission and the chain of command. The Marines on the mission develop trust and reliance amongst each other because they know that should they lose the upper hand in battle, communication Marines can relay this information and call in reinforcements to take back the fight, and allow the ground Marines to continue their mission. In a group scenario such as ours, trust is essential to group development and progress. If we are given an assignment, and a group member tells us at the last minute they are unable to help, the rest of the

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