Communism And Its Effect On Society

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I was often told as a child that humans share the same thing in common as each other and that was our future destinations. Growing up, I ended up brushing off the thought, since I believed it was nothing but an artificial excuse to scare me into doing well in life. Sadly after all these years, I regret not taking the matter seriously because eventually, I understood what our destination really was the hard way.
You see, the city of Panem is a vast monotony of ancient glass and marble shaped by many years of corruption and greed. When the first trace of rebellion against the government was discovered back in ancient times, the town began to collapse even more than it already had and within several years, propaganda for a more amenable town …show more content…

I could hear shocked gasps from several members of the audience while loud shouts of pain emerged from the stranger’s mouth. I awkwardly shuffled in my step as I watched the boy violently pushed against the wooden post. Moments passed by before I took a glimpse at the victim’s face, I could feel a rush of anxiety of curling into my stomach within an instant.
A jagged line ran across his eye and down to his cheek, weathered by age and surrounded with patches of red marks situated around certain areas on his face. The broad size of the scar kept hidden the dark details of his previous treatment and most certainly his possible conviction. The moment I made eye contact with the troubled adolescent, my mind began to spiral, suddenly remembering my previous encounters with the teenager.
His name was Caleb Durdin, a mysterious student who said to be against the propaganda and of course was the same age as me, 14. I still remember during several classes, Caleb was always get in trouble due to his opinionated behaviour. I understood that he wants to be a hero but sometimes I wonder if he’ll ever learn when to draw the line on when it’s enough.
“Sooner or later, you’re going to learn when to grow up and be a respectful member of society. I’m not sorry it had to end this way Durdin, you brought this upon yourself.” One of the soldiers who dragged Caleb onto stage begun aggressively shouting at him and soon made his way towards the

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