Communism And Its Effect On Society

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I was often told as a child that humans share the same thing in common as each other and that was our future destinations. Growing up, I ended up brushing off the thought, since I believed it was nothing but an artificial excuse to scare me into doing well in life. Sadly after all these years, I regret not taking the matter seriously because eventually, I understood what our destination really was the hard way.
You see, the city of Panem is a vast monotony of ancient glass and marble shaped by many years of corruption and greed. When the first trace of rebellion against the government was discovered back in ancient times, the town began to collapse even more than it already had and within several years, propaganda for a more amenable town was pushed which saw an increase in the amount of soldiers surrounding the streets, violent screams for justice from innocent people and an epidemic of fear spreading greatly every day.
My regret began the moment I found myself standing in the front, between the array of local towns’ people; with each face telling the same story of fear. Glancing over my shoulder, I studied a couple who stood nervously behind me, tightly clasping together their hands sobbing between breaths. Sighing heavily, I turned my attention back to the town square, keeping my focus on the wooden post situated on the stage. My mind flooded with thoughts of confusion, trying to come up with a logical explanation on why we were being forced to attend this town meeting.…
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