Communism Or Is It Better Than Capitalism? Essay

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Left or Right
What is this thing called socialism, is it worse than communism or is it better than capitalism? According to English Oxford dictionary, socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be regulated by the community as a whole. Is this the way a country should be governed or is it a recipe for disaster? Have these types of principles come to help us or is it just a noble idea that simple works on paper but not in real terms? Our right as humans that live on this earth, have to step up and decide if it should be stopped or pushed to victory.
There are many respectable functions that come out of a socialist system. Nationalizing important industries like coal, energy, transportation, and steel. The benefits of having these business being controlled by the government allow the common wealth to be disturbed to the workers and letting the government invest in crucial goods that help the overall nation. Having taxes that redistribute the money to basic communal services, such as, health care, education, housing, and child care. (boundless.) With these type of socialist tax policy, completing the philosophy that everyone has the right to have these services as citizens of that country. Allowing the government to give the people what they deserve. With the Scandinavian country’s being the capital of socialism in the world, that is where many people go to see how it

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