Communism in Animal Farm by George Orwell Essay

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Eric Arthur Blair, known by his pen name George Orwell, was one of the most well rounded

writers of the 20th century. his satirical attack on communism, and soviet Russia in particular, has

had a wide influence. Written during a time when most of the world was considering

communism, “Animal farm,” accentuated what historian Richard Pipes proficied about

communistic policies,” Marxism, the theoretical foundation of communism, carried within it the

seeds of its own destruction.” Communism has several unforeseen costs. Communistic policies

require the total removal of a free market economy which obviously costs the country allot. By

placing the power of the law in the hands of a few, the laws, especially those dealing with …show more content…

Similarly there were severe punishments for authoring or

distributing “corrupt” literature. Even scientific advancement was carefully censured.

The most disturbing cost of communism is the tendency for communist countries to start

horrible wars. The major contributor is the design of the communistic government places the full

authority on the shoulders of one ore a select few men. Even when they pretend to have a

parliament, communistic dictators simply override others to execute whatever self-serving plan

that they have. Sometimes the leader could even start a war in the best interest of their country.

Communistic countries are never self sufficient for very long, they need more land, fresh

hardworking converts, and more recourses to consume. War is the only way to achieve that end.

When communism takes over a country the most obvious effect is on the economy. Next the

government eliminates all true freedoms. And, lastly communism usually begins a war.

Communism in principle is a good idea. It was even successfully implemented by the Ejido and

Inca tribes of South America where it was used for over seven hundred years. The problem is the

unchecked power that develops. Roger Nash Baldwin once wrote,” I am for socialism,

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