Community And Community Diversity At The Bonita Springs Charter School

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This Project was very useful because our team was able to help our community as well as our citizen’s in the area. Bonita Springs Charter School is a great organization to be a part of, and BSCS has many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. The Harvest Fest is the biggest event for fundraising at the school, which allows parents, families, and staff as well as the Bonita Springs community, to be a part of this great event. In addition, BSCS is a well-known school just miles away from Florida Gulf Coast University, which is very convenient for students that live either at the FGCU campus or in the surrounding area. Furthermore, BSCS is great at returning emails and phone calls for any volunteer position that students are looking to …show more content…

Mrs. Lisa Ninchritz, the coordinator for the Harvest Fest was able to give each of our team members a role which helped us manage our team very effective while working in the kitchen and serving food for the guest that attended the festival. Mrs. Ninchritz was very thankful for learning of our idea for the team to provide baked goods that were needed for the festival. These baked goods helped them with their goals as well as for our team’s goals and were an important part of our deliverable, which turned out to be a great success for BSCS sales of baked goods. For future teams from MAN 3046 you are welcome to contact Lisa at her direct telephone number (239) 405-0700 email: Additionally, Lisa has other volunteer opportunities at Estero High School as well and can help students from MAN 3046 contact with their coordinator.
BSCS needs from future teams a cohesive, reliable, and responsible team that is willing to be a part of their school success as well as the volunteer positions throughout the year. These volunteer positions will help BSCS to meet their goals, as well as contribute to their success. BSCS is always looking for volunteers, they have flexible hours depending on the task, every year during the month of November the Harvest Fest is their biggest fundraising event, which helps the school raise funds for the Stem program. It is a great volunteer opportunity because this event is usually on Saturday and

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