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Ways to Strengthen Community Colleges in 2016
Education is the often touted as the key to reducing socioeconomic inequality in today's society, but recent studies suggest that the education systems in the California may not be effective in serving its community college students. The California community college system supports 2.1 million students throughout California's 113 institutions (CCC Key Facts). According to a 2011 study conducted by California State University, Sacramento, 48% of community college students complete a degree/credential within 6 years. Specifically in 2009, the San Francisco Bay Area had only 7% of community college students being able to graduate within 2 years (Figure 16, Moore). These low completion rates reflect …show more content…

According to the White House report on income inequality, while 50% of people from high income families have bachelor's degree by age 25, only 10% of people from low income families do. In research conducted at Stanford University, Sean Reardon found that in California, 44 percent of low income students (family income of $25,000 or less) attended community colleges. Moreover, 38% of students were first generation and 50% of Hispanic students and 31% of African American students attended community colleges. Community colleges are a vital for majority of underrepresented students to aspire for economic success. As the largest education system in California, a ineffective system that thwarts the potential of millions of students should not be …show more content…

California's community colleges train and educate 80% of all of the state's firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians, and 70% of all state nurses (CCC Key Facts). Moreover, investment in California community colleges allows for economic growth. The California community college system is the largest education system in the nation. For every $1 California contributes to community college education, it will receive a net return of $4.50 to the state's growth (CCC Key Facts). The Great Recession has a harsh impact on California's employment and community colleges were the solution for most unemployed individuals to retrain and acquire marketable skill sets during a time of financial constraint. California's community colleges serve a public good that is essential future development of the

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