Community Corrections Programs Should Be Maintained Under Control Essay

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Although during the recent years theories and laws continue to evolve, there is one aspect that remains the same: children, juvenile, and adult non-violent offenders are given the opportunity to partially or completely bypass certain sanctions of their punishment. As there is an increase in prison overcrowdings, there is also an increase in expenses for the taxpayers of the community, causing great concern. If inmate population is to be maintained under control, the continuous use of community corrections programs is inevitable. Overall, research demonstrates that the percentage of the prison population frequently diminishes with the use of community corrections programs. Supervision of these programs is, therefore, offered at a significantly lower cost than incarceration as it oversees “offenders outside of jail or prison” (Community Corrections, 2014).
While statistics vary, it is estimated that approximately two-thirds of the people who could be incarcerated for a crime or offense, are actually given a positive alternative option. Typically, the people who are given the opportunity to partially or completely bypass incarceration are non-violent offenders who in the long run will be better off when assigned to a community corrections program (Alarid, Cromwell, & Del Carmen, 2008). This does not mean that every person will be deterred from committing future crimes, it just implies that the majority of those involved in a community corrections program will have better
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