Community Counseling Resources Essay

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Application: Community Counseling Resources Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy (CPSY - 6356 - 1) In this paper will analyze primary, secondary, and tertiary couple and family interventions provided by community resources. In this paper will provide a community resource that works with issues of domestic violence and the primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions that the resource provides. A further analysis will be provided on any gaps that may exist in the interventions and an explanation of how to address those gaps. . According to (Wolfe, 2011), prevention efforts are generally considered in terms of primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary prevention…show more content…
DVIS is a community resource that provides advocacy, counseling to the victim and perpetrator, education, and shelter. (DVIS, 2013) As a primary intervention, DVIS provides education to businesses, community groups, faith-based communities, organizations and schools. (DVIS, 2013) DVIS dedicated a great deal of effort working with local schools as a primary prevention strategies. According to research, schools are an ideal environment to introduce primary prevention programs to a range of children. (Wolfe, 2009) According to (Wolfe, 2009), a significant amount of children's social learning takes place in schools. In addition to using the schools as a way to initiate primary prevention with youth, DVIS also uses the school environment as secondary prevention. DVIS target at risk youth of violence with the school setting. (DVIS, 2013) DVIS’s school based program takes youth from high-risk backgrounds through a process of learning about self, issue, and increase the youth’s efforts to affect change around them. (DVIS, 2013) DVIS offers counseling and shelter as a tertiary prevention. DVIS provides individual and group counseling to the victims, families and perpetrators. The program counsels men that are self-referred, court-referred, DHS- referred, and family court referrals for domestic violence assessments. (DVIS, 2013) DVIS offers interactive therapy for children who have witnessed or personally experienced
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