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Dear I was upset to hear that my enrollment may be terminated in HLSC301 - Community Engagement. I like the class and don't want to lose it, so I want to explain what happened. I had to write a reflection essay about my Community Engagement Placement. I worked at Retirement Village, for more than 80 hours, and I had to write an essay expressing my feelings about what I did and what I experienced there. I wanted to give a lot of thought and work to that essay because a lot happened and I spent a long time in the place. I was intending to write the essay once the placement finished and that was on 30/04/2012 Unfortunately, 01/05/2012, my wife went into premature labor and I had to bring her to Royal Hospital for Women because she was pregnant and she was about to labor. The baby was born in 04/05/2012 via caesarean section and my wife was discharged on 08/05/2012. The next day 09/05/2012, my wife had to be readmitted as she had severe abdominal pain and she was diagnosed with ovarian torsion. She had to undergone another operation to remove one of the ovaries and was discharged on 14/05/2012. Only my wife and I live in Sydney, Australia. I have no family and little support here. All my family and my wife's family live in Vietnam. So you can understand how difficult it was for me to deal with the situation. I had to study other subjects for the final exam; I had to look after the newborn baby (and I wasn't prepared for them always waking up and crying for milk every 3

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