Community Health Video Analysis

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The three videos showcasing the three winners of the Robert Wood Johnson Culture of Health Prize for healthy communities all impressed me by how the people in those communities were able to work together to achieve a common goal: better health and lifestyle for the community. Moreover, they were able to do so while facing difficult challenges and obstacles in different forms.

All three cities - Manistique MI, Minneapolis MN and New Orleans LA - all had to face distinguished challenges that hinder their efforts for better community's health. Manistique had to cope with an aging population susceptible to many diseases (diabetes & obesity) while struggling financially with average annual income at $25,000. Minneapolis, despite being the 3rd highest biking city in the nation, needed to tackle the ever-worsening health disparity among its citizens. Lastly, New Orleans was struck by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 …show more content…

Their efforts can be categorized in 3 main categories: food, environment, and education.

1. Food: the cities emphasize the need for its people to have access to fresh and healthy food, thus lessens the need for fast food and other unhealthy food. They did so by ensuring that people in every neighborhood have access to a local food store that stocks up on fresh (perishable, in opposed to can & processed) food. I am even more impressed by Manistique and their Farmer's Market and food store. By encouraging citizens to buy locally-grown food, the city not only provides a better, heathier food source for the prople, but at the same time boost its economy as well.

2. Environment: the cities make sure that the people could lead a healthier, more active lifestyle. While Manistique and Minneapolis made sure that the cities are as walkable and bikeable as possible, New Orleans make sure that sporting venues are available for the

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