Community Intervention Against Domestic Abuse

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Daniella Salawu
Shalva: Community Intervention Against Domestic Abuse
Shalva organization is an ongoing community invention organization in Chicago. It is working to effect social change for domestic abused women in Jewish communities. Domestic abuse (also known as spousal abuse) is when a partner in an intimate relationship manipulate the other partner by a systematic pattern of coercive behavior. There are multiple forms of domestic abuse such as verbal, emotional, financial, sexual, physical, and psychological. To combat domestic violence against women in Jewish communities, they provided multiple free services such as mental health counseling. They provide a twenty-four hour crisis line, individual and group counseling, financial assistance, information, and referrals. They also legal information, court support, community prevention, educational programs, Rabbinical and community advocacy, and training. These resources are culturally sensitive to the Jewish communities.
Although domestic violence is very harmful to the victim, it is more difficult for a woman with a Jewish background. With more information on the Jewish culture, there are additional barriers Jewish women must face to escape their abusive spouses or partners. One issue relates the level of analysis of society. According to, Jewish women are stigmatized as rude, overbearing, demanding, self-centered, abrasive, and emasculating people ( These are false but strong societal notions. This…
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