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My participant is Jessa Ricci. She is a 24 year old single female who works as a full time young adult librarian. I found her through my local library and she kindly accepted my offer to interview her during her lunch break. I learned that she is interested in art, literature and exploring new beauty regimens because she is very passionate about maintaining a healthy skincare routine. Jessa strongly values spending time with her family and friends and considers security, financial stability and her well-being imperative factors in her life. She received a bachelor’s degree, majoring in History then pursued a Master’s in Library Science at Queen’s College. During her undergraduate studies she worked part time in retail for almost two years and earned extra money through babysitting gigs. When she entered her junior year at Hunter College she was offered a position as a page for her library, generating an interest to work in public service. Her current routines include waking up at 6:30 every morning, eating breakfast, unwinds by watching the news, taking care of her dog, preparing her essentials for work which consists of her name tag, lunch and water bottle.
Part 2: For part one of the interview, I understood that Jessa performed almost all the roles in the past and had a unique desire to pursue a majority of them in the future. One of the many things that she is enthusiastic about is volunteer work. She enjoys being in the company of animals and seeing as she is a pet

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