Community Policing Essay

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Wycoff, M., and W. Skogan (1993). Community Policing: Quality from inside out An evaluation of Impact. Washington D.C.:U.S. National Institute of Justice. This report talks about Madison police Department and how they created a new organizational design both structural and managerial in efforts to support and improve community policing.
Willis, J., S. Mastrofski, and T. R. Kochel (2010). Maximizing the Benefits of reform: Integrating community policing in America. Washington D.C.: U.S. Department of justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. This report talks about the differneces and similarities of Community policing and Compstat. I shows that overall community policing is a lot more mulifaced, flexible, and diverse approach than Comstat.
Wells. W. (2009) “Community Partnership.” In E. Maguire and Wells (eds). Implementing Community Policing: Washington D.C.: Department of justice, Office of community oriented Policing Services. This report gives a comprehensive understanding of the implementation of community policing in 12 police departments throughout the United States. The researchers observe, measures and draw conclusion of community policing.
Weiss. D (2010). The Evolution of community policing: A process Evaluation. Lewistown, New York: The Edwin Mellen Press.
This book talks about community policing implementation in different police agencies. It also shows the process both positive and negative and the progress it has created.
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