Ethnicity and the Police Part I

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Ethnicity and the Police Part I
Cheryl Cooper
March 24, 2014
University of Phoenix

Ethnicity and the Police
There are many views of how the criminal justice treats different ethnic groups. Some say that police are fair and they are just doing their jobs. Some people believe that it is the fault of the suspects that cause the use of force scenarios. There is a possibility of this, but then I question if this was true why these incidents are only happening to ethnic groups. Why are so many minorities being pulled over for stop and frisk situations, being killed, and overrepresentations in prisons? Not just young black males but men and women of different races. I grew up respecting the uniform, but over the
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Police even may aggravate an existing discrimination, though they seldom generate discrimination on their own. The intensity of community and police prejudice against minority groups depends on historical and social factors. A war or a warlike situation can provoke hostility toward certain immigrant groups or other minorities perceived as the “enemy. Such as, Japanese Americans due to WWII and Muslims from September 11, 2011. Another reason for prejudice is when the police department is made up of all White Americans and they are members of the Ku Klux Klan.
Benefits to the Police of Better Opinions and Community Relations
The U.S. Department of Justice, for instance, holds that “a diverse law enforcement agency can better develop relationships with the community it serves, promote trust in the fairness of law enforcement, and facilitate effective policing by encouraging citizen support and cooperation (Leitzel, J. 2001). Many Americans think it would be a good idea for the police departments to be a mixture of races so they would be similar to the city’s view.
Community policing was defined as “police officers working with community members to address the causes of crime and to prevent crimes from occurring, rather than just responding to crimes after they have occurred.” Officers and the community benefitted with improved attitudes
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