Community Prosecution : New York

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In 2000, Community prosecution was introduced to Atlanta by Fulton County’s District Attorney (“D.A.”), Paul Howard. D.A Howard saw the need to make neighborhoods safer. Even with law enforcement patrolling the streets of Atlanta, neighborhood crimes continued to increase. A few years ago, D.A. Howard visited King’s County District Attorney’s Office in New York, and during his visit he learned about community prosecution. Mr. Howard discovered the solution but he needed the citizens backing and support. The main key to establishing community prosecution was getting local communities involved and them working with law enforcement to make their neighborhoods safer. The community could provide more details about the neighborhood crimes because they lived there. This program helped with prosecution of low-level offenses and repeat offenders. Most low-level offenses often include, non-violent drugs offenders, disorderly conduct, loitering, driving without a valid driver license, probation violation and some minor infractions. With the strength of the community, community leaders and law enforcement, prosecutors are able prosecute the offenders, while ensuring the safety of community neighborhoods. Not only does community prosecution help prosecutors with convictions but restore the public’s trust in the justice system. Fulton County police department is divided into zones. Each zone is in different areas that include several different neighborhoods. Zone 4 was the first zone

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