Crack Cocaine And Its Effect On Society

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As soon as I entered the class, there was a man sitting in our class. His name was Paul Shapiro, and he was from the Orange County Courts. He explained to us what the community court is, and what kind of effect it has on our society. During mid-1980s, crack cocaine was widespread and people kept going back to prison. To cut this infinite loop of incarceration, Orange County made the drug court. It is not like a real court, but rather similar to a program that helps drug addicts free themselves from drug dependence. Unlike other courts, the prosecutor, the attorney, the probation officer, and the judge in the drug court work as a team.
After graduating the drug court program, the recidivism rate has fallen from 74% to 28.8%. When we went to the community court before going to the District Attorney’s office, people seemed to know each other and they were congratulating a lady. I didn’t know why they looked cheerful and happy in the court when apparently they might be convicted. Now, I’m guessing that the lady was probably graduating the community court program.
However, there are pros and cons about collaborative courts. People who are against collaborative court system insist that it costs great amount of money, and offering treatment to lawbreakers is not the job of the criminal justice system – they think the prosecutors need to send criminals to prison instead of trying to rehabilitate them. Yet, supporters of collaborative courts assert that even though it looks as if

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