Community Readiness For Adolescents And Obesity Prevention

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The article by Pradeilles et al., (2016) which is titled, Community readiness for adolescents ' overweight and obesity prevention is low in urban South Africa: a case study is a case study about teaching and obesity prevention in South Africa. A case study according to Wright (2014) is an approach which is used to describe a community, system, event or individual (p.108).This article explored the relationship between community interaction and teaching about healthy eating habits from religion organizations. This article is trustworthy on many different levels including credibility, transferability, dependability and confirmability. Through discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of this article will provide evidence to the…show more content…
Pradeilles et al., explain in the method session how a mixed methods design provided a wider in-depth understand on overweight and obese prevention in the community. The Community Readiness Model survey was used to generate to how ready this community is for obesity interventions and the Focus Group Discussions was complemented by providing an in-depth interpretation of the scores achieved to help to understand what might be appropriate target points for future interventions (Pradeilles et al., 2016, p. 3). This article provides any different areas which prove credibility. The transferability of a study according to Wright (2014) is the concept of external validity which is when the study and its findings could be repeated by other researchers working in different venues (p.115). “Researchers should provide sufficient information on the informants and the research context to enable the reader to assess the findings’ capability of being fit or transferable” (Cope, 2017, p. 89). The study by Pradeilles et al, provided a detailed time line, note-taking methods and criteria for choice of codes to demonstration its transferability. This study used a mixed research method which involved both qualitative and quantitative to collect quality and quantity data. Pradeilles et al., (2016) explain the mixed methods design allows the authors to obtain views from a greater number of people in a
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