Community Reflection

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As a result of the coding three themes emerged: understanding community, educational impact, and reflection on perspective. Understanding Community In order to be an effective educator, one must understand the community represented in the learning environment. Through the service learning project, many pre-service teachers identified they needed to learn the community in which their student population resides in order to effectively teach those individuals. One participant noted that the service learning project, “opened [their] eyes to a world [they] thought about fleetingly, but never tried to change”. Some pre-service teachers stated their perception concerning social injustice was not altered, but disposition concerning the public's ignorance of awareness toward the social injustice was eye-opening. Their view of the public was altered as well as their realization of the community truly valuing their service. During their project, some of the participants stated that the community members expressed appreciation of their service efforts. Several pre-service teachers relayed that their organization expressed a sincere appreciation for their services. One participant reported that the organization’s workers called them ‘angels’ and a “godsend’. Participants indicated that there was a greater need in their local community than they had previously thought. “I feel like this project has given me a new perspective on how we can impact the community. No matter how big or

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