Company Analysis : Subsidiary Snorkel

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Introduction Our investigation is going to be based on the tanfield company specifically subsidiary Snorkel. Snorkel produces one of the widest ranges of aerial lifts in the industry, with more than 35 machines available at platform heights from 2m-40m. With scissor lifts, booms, towable lifts, push-arounds and low-level access platforms. Snorkel UK offers all buyers of access platforms, large or small, the chance to buy direct from the factory. Snorkel UK provides a single source solution for all powered access needs. Tracing its roots back to 1946, Snorkel is one of the world 's oldest manufacturers of aerial lifts. Product range has grown to be one of the biggest and best in the industry, from low-cost lifts for interior maintenance work, right through to big booms and rough terrain scissor lifts for construction. Every Snorkel lift is engineered around "Keep it Simple". Snorkel is a PLC company owned by Tanfield. Another group that owns Extreme manufacturing. Tanfield owns 48% shares in Snorkel and Extreme manufacturing owns 52% shares in Snorkel. The current share price shown below has decreased 1.58% over the past year. The current share price is shown as 18.70. In the past year the highest it has been was in March where it was at 25.00. However the lowest it has been in the past year was 18.70 in October. Ownership Mark has been an integral member of the snorkel team since 2010. Prior to joining snorkel he was managing director of the UK division to pramac, a

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