Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Anglo Saxon Literature

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The Anglo Saxon literatures were written very similar that they all shared common themes. One of them was the character qualities which the writers of Anglo Saxon Literatures each liked to incorporate similarly in their work. The story would have fictional characters appear in the story, and the characters showed their qualities through description, dialogue and action. Sometimes the story does not have fictional characters; instead the writer appeared as the character of the story and developed his qualities through their expression of feelings and desires. The Anglo Saxon literatures such as “Caedmon’s Hymn”, “The Dream of the Rood”, Beowulf, “Judith”, “The Wanderer” and “The Wife’s Lament” will be compared to show how writers had similar ideas relating to character qualities. The first character quality the Anglo Saxon characters show was their faith toward Christianity. Since religion was one of the most important identity during the Anglo Saxon era, most of the writers exposed their writing to religion so that there was a common interest between the writing and the readers. In “Caedmon’s Hymn”, Caedmon wrote his song that he sang while he was sleeping. His entire poem was about him praising God; in line 1-5 of “Caedmon’s Hymn” he praised God of his creations, in line 6-17 Caedmon listed His creation of mankind, heaven, earth and protectors of mankind, and in the last line he closed his poem by praising His name. In “The Dream of the Rood” the man who was portrait as a

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