Compare And Contrast Christopher Frlowe And Doctor Faustus

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Hopkins, Lisa. Christopher Marlowe, Renaissance Dramatist. Edinburgh U.P., 2008.
This book is a detailed breakdown of Christopher Marlowe’s plays. The book discusses how Christopher Marlowe’s upbringing and the time period he was born in influenced his works. The author of this book conveys to the reader that Christopher Marlowe used himself and own personal experiences to implement in his characters and this is done especially in Doctor Faustus. The author describes how Christopher Marlowe’s character is conveyed into Doctor Faustus. Not only that but, the author provides detail about why Doctor Faustus made the choices he did because he was a copy of Marlowe and his life. I will use this information from this book in my paper to create a character compare and contrast of Christopher Marlowe and Dr. Faustus.
“His judgement may have paralleled Marlowe’s own: familiar with what was offered by Cambridge, Marlowe showed no known signs of regret at moving on from it in, and there is no evidence that he ever visited it again” (Hopkins 82).
Erne, Lukas. "Biography, Mythography, and Criticism: The Life and Works of Christopher Marlowe." Modern Philology, vol. 103, no. 1, Aug. 2005, pp. 28.
This article is about the conspiracies theories that followed Christopher Marlowe and his works. The author talks about how Christopher Marlowe was an atheist, a homosexual and other theories. The author describes conspiracies about Marlowe rather than discussing Marlowe’s actual upbringing

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