Compare And Contrast Cinderella

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Cinderella Compare & Contrast Rough Draft
The tale of Cinderella is universally known, yet every telling of the story is tweaked ever so slightly. Changes, even if subtle, can create differences in the meaning or characteristics of the story. Some more popular versions, such as the Little Golden Book edition, the Grimm Brothers version, and Disney’s 2015 film adaptation have distinct traits of their own, along with some parallels between them. Despite the ostensible tedium of the three interpretations, each of them has its own theme, archetypes, and plot, which are occasionally shared between versions.
Initially, despite the handful of similarities between the three versions of Cinderella, the three have largely differing themes. Analyzing the Grimm Brothers’ version first, there is a clear message of karma, or as famously coined, the concept of “an eye for an eye”. Cinderella endures a long period of abuse at the hands of her family, but eventually marries the prince. At the end of the story, her evil stepsisters, “for their wickedness and falsehood…[,] were punished with blindness as long as they lived” (“Cinderella” Par 65). Thus, it is shown that no act will go unnoticed. In stark contrast, the film adaptation truly drills home the moral of “having courage and being kind”, as this line is repeated an innumerable amount of times throughout the movie. Cinderella remains kindhearted in spite of the harrowing situations she is shunted into, and has the courage to go to the

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