Compare And Contrast Descartes And Pyrrhonian Skepticism

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Pyrrhonian skeptics and Descartes’s response to skepticism are two interesting reads that make one curious. Pyrrhonian skepticism has a goal which is the suspension of judgment and tranquility, while Descartes brings reason and doubt to the senses about what one perceives and feels. This essay will inform about the Pyrrhonian skeptic and the response Decartes has to the skeptic views.
There are two philosophers, Phyrrho and Sextus Empiricus. Phyrrho lived around “360-270 BCE in his hometown of Ellis, a Greek city-state. He traveled with Alexander the Great on the latter’s expedition to the East, India” (Woodcock, B.A., 2017). It is speculated that his exposure to Indian “naked wise men” was the inspiration for his philosophical views. Phyrrho
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The Academics were criticized because in asserting that doctrine it seemed to be making a claim to know something, contrary to the central claim of not knowing anything, they “know that they don’t know”. Pyrrhonian skepticism treat Pyrrhonism as a way of life rather than a doctrine. This way of life is characterized by a suspension of judgment about questions that go beyond the way things appear. They believe that they are searches and their disposition is that not one thing over the other is necessarily correct. This causes them to withhold their suspense of judgment. They firmly believe that there is no true way of knowing whether something is right or wrong, they keep searching for the truth, and that people ought to live with the current traditions, laws, and customs of their time they live in. ‘The end goal of the Pyrrhonian skeptic is to promote suspense of judgment because they claim that it is in our opinion and personal truths that we develop desires, painful efforts, good and bad, fear, and disappointment. To accept everything as is, will bring bliss and peace of mind.’ The Pyrrhonian skeptic views skepticism as a good thing for they have the skill of finding for every argument and equal and opposing argument, this will bring suspension of judgment on any issue considered by the
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