Compare And Contrast Essay On The Great Gatsby

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When a person looks around him or herself one sees many different people. Each person has their own characteristics that makes up who he or she is today. Of course one may share similarities with another person, but no one is the exact same. When coming up with characters authors tend to make them different, but give them qualities that may be similar to another character in the novel. That is exactly what Fitzgerald did in his novel, The Great Gatsby. Each character has different ways of handling things, and you see that in his book. In F. Scott
Fitzgerald’s famous novel, The Great Gatsby, George Wilson and Tom Buchanan have many similarities and differences according to their attitudes toward women, their ways of showing violence, and their reactions to being cheated …show more content…

Tom on the other hand, is jealous but is okay with the fact that she is seeing Jay Gatsby. He knows that Daisy will not leave him for Jay Gatsby. The author shows Tom’s confidence in
Daisy not leaving him by letting her and Gatsby ride together in the same car to Long Island.
Tom says to Daisy, “Go on. He won't annoy you. I think he realizes that his presumptuous little flirtation is over” (Fitzgerald 135). As one can see Tom and George had very different reactions when it came to finding out that they were being cheated on.
In conclusion, although Tom Buchanan and George Wilson were similar in their attitude towards women, their ways of showing violence, and their reactions to being cheated on they were also very different. People could say that both Tom and George had different ways to treating women. Wilson was more of the understanding husband, while Tom was not very interested in his relationship with Daisy. Even though they both were violent, George’s violence was more extreme than Tom’s. Lastly, both George and Tom were jealous at the fact that their wives were having affairs. George just cared way more than Tom which caused him to take not only his life but Jay Gatsby’s

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