Compare And Contrast Frederick Douglass And Malcolm X

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Although Frederick Douglas and Malcolm X are two different men from two different centuries, it is their writing that relates them. Douglas, a slave, and Malcolm, a criminal, both were deprived of obtaining a higher sense of education. It was the call to learn that separated them from the norm, and the education they gained that shaped their image. The two activists grew up to realize the importance of education, in particular reading and writing, in reality, the basis of establishing an education. Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X describes how they learned to read and write and the challenges they had to address in their condition of being a slave and criminal since childhood. His enslavers did not want him to get an education or to learn anything that could make him someone valuable because for them, slavery and education were not compatible. Although all the obstacles that his enslavers put to him were not easy, he did not stop his aspiration to learn to read and write to become a person of character; he looked for other ways to learn to read and write since his enslavers did not allow that. He tries to enlighten that education and freedom are rights that every human being should have; education gives them the opportunity to identify ourselves to see who we are. In the case of Douglass, he was trying to identify himself as a slave compared to the other children who were not going to be slaves for life. Frederick Douglas’s chapter “Learning to Read and Write” and

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