How are Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass Alike and Different

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Compare & Contrast Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass both came from an African American background but the time difference of these two men when they were brought to the world changed. Malcolm X had a rough life. His dad was mysteriously murdered and his mom was mentally ill and with no parent figure he got in to the street life. He got in to selling illegal substances and burglary. He was struggling financially as well. In 1946 Malcolm X age twenty at the time was sentenced to prison for 10 years for burglary. Both Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass had rough lives. Frederick Douglass born in the early 1800’s was born a slave for life. Even though racism was still around in Malcolm’s time it was even worse for Frederick Douglass during his time. Frederick Douglass had no education because salves at the time were not allowed to be taught. The only thing slaves were taught to do from a young age was to obey there master and that’s all they knew how to do. Frederick Douglass was very restricted on how to get an education but Malcolm was free. Both Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass educated themselves. Malcolm X was educated till the 8th grade. As for Frederick he wasn’t educated at all. Once Malcolm was in prison he came across an inmate called by the name of Bimbi. Bimbi was a great speaker and a well-educated man which made Malcolm motivated to start how to read and get educated. Malcolm read books in prison but did not understand what the book was about. Malcolm got ahold
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