Compare And Contrast King And Obama's Speech

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King and Obama share views about violence in similar ways. An overall ideal that both of these leaders focus on is that in both of their speeches both elaborate that peace and love may be the solution to conflict. Yet both of these men may feel there are different approaches and thoughts about war and peace, both believe that peace and faith will benefit all of humankind. King introduces his acceptance speech by explaining how he accepts this prize on the behalf of the civil rights movement. He explains the trauma and violence negroes have went through, showing a amount of rhetoric in the form of pathos in sentences such as “our children, crying out for brotherhood, were answered with firehoses, snarling dogs and even death.” This rhetoric…show more content…
Obama uses many references to King’s and Gandhi’s works, as both advocate peace and love. Yet Obama explains how even through peace and love may be a solution, war still may need to be an option when most needed. Obama builds up his argument to why he believes war would be a realist tactic. He uses analogies such as “A non-violent movement could not have halted Hitler’s armies.” showing how violence at last resort may be needed to be used. This tone continues for a while until Obama starts conspiring a realist strategy to obtaining peace. This tone shifts to a more demanding yet passionate tone. Obama lays down three ground rules to a lasting peace concluding of: alternatives to violence, removing nuclear weapons, and international laws. To show his inner passion and faith to his argument, he uses rhetoric such as syntax. Many of his sentences are either very long such as: “All will have access to peaceful nuclear power…” yet continues the rest of his sentences really short such as “I am committed to upholding this treaty.” This type of structure is used to bring more attention and passion toward his argument. Also figurative language is used multiple times such as when Obama explains how the “world stand together as one.” This brings more of an overall togetherness and appealing factor toward his argument, rather just implying that the world is great working together, this language uses imagery to portray a more togetherness in the world. Obama uses this type of demanding tone until the end of the speech, where he instead of sounding demanding he starts standing hopeful. This would make sense, since all of his points were laid out, now would be the time to endorse the points given. Obama starts talking about hope, love and faith, using powerful diction such as “..but the love that they preached..” and a compelling amount of logos, “..if we lose faith..we lose our moral compass.” These type of rhetoric
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