Compare And Contrast Pakistan And Cold War Essay

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Pakistan and India, the two rival states in the dense populated south Asian region engaged in sophisticated arm race just after in short time of their independence. Both of the nations in the shadow of two different ideologies have bitter relations and the outcome of bitter relation is always ended in the deadly arm conflicts. Pakistan and India the two infant states were born in the beginning of the cold war just after the end of World War II. Pakistan joined the western block against the Soviet State to ensure her existence in the survival race with its rival state India. India was economically well off state and had reliable resources and forces. Pakistan succeeded in acquiring the membership of SEATO and CENTO to meet its defense needs.…show more content…
This test shattered the existence of Pakistan once again and the Pakistani government also took decision to go nuclear for its survivability in the era of PM Zulfiqar Bhutto. The famous saying from the Pakistani PM Zulifaqar Ali Bhutto was “We will eat grass but we go on nuclear program. Under many sanctions and international pressure, Pakistan detonated six nuclear devices in may 1998 to gain the equilibrium in the south Asia. Then a new age of war with new type of weapons started which was totally different from conventional way of war. War shifted from near to far, battlefield to cities then after the development of tactical nuclear weapons war again reshaped from far to near then again with the development of submarine launched missiles the war got the shape of more devastated way of getting peace. Pakistan and India, both did many experiments to ensure the accuracy, precision, reliability and access to different targets in the enemy’s territory. On Pakistan end, Ghauri, Shaheen, Hataf and Nasr missiles are the part of medium, short and battlefield range missiles with range of 60km to upto 3000km. Pakistan has precise and accurate missiles which can engage the target not only in the Indian mainland but also Nicobar Island far in the Indian Ocean. The doctrine of Pakistan and India keep on transforming into different postures from…show more content…
The strike will be truly workable and credible deterrence that could be able to maintain the nuclear deterrence posture in the future realm. India is developing the system to carry out the disarming the strike against Pakistan. The statements were given by MIT scholar Vipin Narang and other Indian top officials. The Indian strategic thoughts aiming disarming and demolishing Pakistan’s first strike nuclear attack arsenal and then a destructive massive attack from India will be done to accomplish the task of completely destruction of Pakistan’s nuclear assets, sites, dams, power stations, population, public infrastructure and industrial zones. Zameer Akram added more the statement in a seminar was held Geneva organized by Strategic Vision Institute (SVI) that’s called Indian preemptive strike. To have the second-strike capability considers the sustainability of full spectrum deterrence from Pakistan. India’s declared “no first use policy” matters in the rejection of Pakistan’s first use policy. Pakistan needs the assured and precise second-strike capability due to India’s growing military expenditure and rapidly increasing military conventional and non-conventional hardware were acquired by India from USA and Russia. The main concern in a nuclear deterrence is the India’s acquisition of ballistic missile defense.
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