Compare And Contrast Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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Even though Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry is about a family very different from my own, I identify with the main character, Cassie, because we are similar in some ways and I admire her. Just like Cassie’s mom, my mom was a teacher, and I have close relationships with my siblings. These similarities help me put myself in Cassie’s place. I admire her because she is brave and fights for her rights and what she believes in. She always sticks up for herself. For example, when the white kids’ school bus purposely splashes Cassie and her siblings, they dig a ditch and the bus gets stuck in the mud. Cassie always sticks up for Little Man, her younger brother. She tells her mom about the poor quality books that upset Little Man, and she comforts him when she is upset. Cassie and her brothers are always hanging out together. In my family, my sister takes me shopping and hangs out with me. I also play outside and jump on the trampoline with my younger brother. Even though I am similar to Cassie in some ways, we have differences, too. I am not part of a minority and have never faced prejudices like …show more content…

The Wallace family treats blacks poorly by helping the whites first at their store. Another family in town the Simms’ses also treat blacks poorly. There was a time when Cassie accidentally bumps into Lillian Jean Simms and she makes Cassie walk in the street and Mr.Simms made Cassie apologize to Lillian Jean. Cassie tries to deal with racsim by boycotting the Wallace store and told Uncle Hammer what happened with Lillian Jean and Uncle Hammer goes to there house to teach Mr. Simms a lesson. While Cassie solve the problem of racism she was able to fight against it. I never had a similar problem to Cassie, but know of some problems where white police officers are shooting blacks without a real reason. We all need to become more color blind to stop racsim, and make friends with people of different

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