Compare And Contrast The Anglo Saxon Period And Present Day

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Analyzing Yesterday’s and Today’s
The Anglo – Saxon Period and Present Day
Travelling back in time to the period that is traditionally known as the dark ages; the time of war and battles against the Vikings which was new invaders back then; the Anglo-Saxon period has many different aspects that are somehow unique to us. Such as how they have a different language - the Old English or how they greatly value the values of heroism, generosity and blood vengeance which cannot be almost seen in the present time. There are many aspects that they have before, but we will not focus on that. Instead, we will closely analyze the fact that by comparing it to the present day, we can observe tremendous differences like how the power of woman was elevated somehow today, the differences in our language, the Modern English to their language, Old English, how the leader or the king should act before and even the dissimilarity in the social hierarchy. But is the change in these aspects towards positivity? Or is it towards negativity? Are we really "improving" as they say? …show more content…

In this current society, the levels of both male and female genders are somehow not even. Many women are still fighting for the rights that they should have had but was chained to by society and their belief that "Men are superior to women". Another thing is how the social hierarchy divides us. Instead of having a united community, we are divided into the lower, middle and higher class. In my opinion, I would like a nation that has a society that is equal, no elevated positions in terms of money and possession or in other terms a society where no one fights for money. But in the past periods specifically the Anglo-Saxon period, women had it worst and even the social hierarchy before had been deeply planted into their civilization that no one can say no

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