Compare And Contrast The Pearl And Of Mice And Men

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Everyone reads once in a while but rarely do people look how similar two books can be even if they take place in different settings. Of Mice and Men and The Pearl by John Steinbeck are great examples of this since they take place at different times but ultimately they both deliver the same message and meaning. The Pearl by John Steinbeck takes place in a small village in La Paz, on the coast of The Baja Peninsula. Which shows the struggle of Kino and Juana trying to get wealthy as minorities. Of Mice and men is a story about two men George and Lennie who travel through California looking for work and end up working on a ranch where Lennie end up killing the owner's daughter in law by accident and gets murdered by George. Both books take place in different settings and tell different stories however if you look at the meaning behind them both they both convey a common symbolism, themes of sacrifice, and types of conflict. Sacrifice was one of the main themes in these novels. It was shown in The Pearl when Kino decides to throw the pearl back into the sea since he didn't want to sell it for less and was only bringing more and more problems with him and his family. Kino but as soon as he realizes that society won't let him get money from the pearl, as said “Kino drew back his arm and flung the pearl with all his might. Kino and Juana watched it go, winking and glimmering under the setting sun. They saw the little splash in the distance, and they stood side by side watching the

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