Compare And Contrast The Renaissance And The Renaissance

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Nich Sikorski
December 11, 2017
Renaissance was a departure from the Medieval ages.
The word “renaissance” is a French word which means “re-birth” or “awakening” (pg 328). It was a movement characterized by the awakening of modernistic views. This movement spans over two centuries from 14 to 16th century. While the middle or medieval ages were dark ages of the Europe between 5th to 14th centuries. Though these periods mingle and are very close but are totally different from each other. The medieval period represents old traditions while the renaissance represents the notion of modernity and rationality. Though this movement of Renaissance was firstly merely an art movement later on the movement transformed the society’s thinking patterns and new era of modernity was resulted. (Help and Renaissance, 2017)
The European middle age is often termed as dark ages by some of the writers. There was no development of any sort. The scientific discoveries in Europe had come to a halt. There was no artistic development. Neither had the Europe produced any great leader like before. The plague had killed many people, and the people had died of this disease in hundreds of thousands (pg. 308). The political system was mostly dominated by the churches, and the people were enslaved by the churches. Even the monarchs of that age came to church for protection. There was no political development as well. On the other hand, there was a new threat of Islam which rose faster after the

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