Compare And Contrast Theseus And Oedipus

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While I was analyzing the two Greek heroes Theseus and Oedipus origins, it became obvious that they share quite a few differences and similarities as is common amongst heroes in Greek mythology. The first similarity I found the two heroes shared was the love and honor their subjects regarded their kings with. Theseus was revered for his strategic planning and how he used his power to create an equal ruling between the power of the king and his people. He was acknowledged as one of the first leaders to create a Democracy, allowing his people to have a say into how the kingdom is ruled. “I myself, will be your leader in wars, and at all times the protector of laws, but beyond this all my fellow citizens shall have equal rights with me” (216). By allowing the inhabitants of Attica to access part of the power of the king, Theseus knew that his subjects would abide by this ruling because of the value and gain they would receive from becoming a united community. I feel this peaceful treaty between the two dynamics; the rich and the poor shows that Theseus was an intelligent and courageous king worthy of the equal amounts of love and fear the king instilled in the city of Athens. The way Theseus resolved the issue between the two class systems leads me to believe that Theseus admirers rigid structure and control but since he is willing to give some of his power to the citizens of Athens in order to keep peace, he became known as a peaceful ruler instead of a forceful tyrant.

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