Compare And Contrast Thomas Aquinas And Ibn Battuta

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Maven, a person who obtains knowledge in a specific field whose purpose is to spread and inform into other fields. During the time period of the Medieval Times and Renaissance, those Mavens provided influences in departments such as art, literature, science, philosophy, religion, etc. In the Medieval era, there were two Mavens who stuck out from the others. One was a man that goes under the name of St. Thomas Aquinas, a Catholic “philosopher and theologian” (Chenu). The other scholar, Ibn Battuta, a man who is known for his traveling. In comparison, they both were successful scholars, travelers, and are recognized for spreading their ideas through teaching. Though what they experienced had different purpose/perspective based on their religion, which may of contributed in their decisions and type of impact they had towards their community. The common similarity between both St. Thomas Aquinas and Ibn Battuta were that they were scholars who traveled throughout different regions collecting as much knowledge as possible, whom then return back to their homeland where they dispense their learnings. Thomas Aquinas learning was only possible because he was a fortunate to be born into a wealthy family who could afford and supply his needs. With the large amount of economic source, he had the opportunity to journey to places such as the “monasteries” and “convents” (Chenu), in hope to gain Catholic education. In addition to his education, he had access to receive high-level

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